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My name is Danrui Sun.  Currently, I am a  UX designer based in SF Bay Area working on enterprise cloud Saas products. My background in HCI, Engineering and Art enables me to connect the dots of human behaviors, design, and technology.


Previously, I graduated from Georgia Tech with a master's degree in HCI and gained my bachelor's degree in Telecommunication Engineering.

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I dance and paint! I have danced for 7 years and painted for 4 years. Trying different types of hobby brings me a lot of fun! The feeling of creating something good is beyond explanation. Using the dance and brush to communicate ideas is awesome!

I enjoy joining activities! Meeting different people from different activities are really fascinating! I really enjoy communicating with people from diverse academic and personal backgrounds to gain insights.

I Explore Life! I am a  big fan of traveling. Traveling with friends and making new friends are amazing! Also, I have a ton of interests so I find myself trying out new hobbies. I am still on my way to explore things I haven't tried before. To do list before 25 years old: Guitar, Skateboarding, Skydiving, Surfing!