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Nice to meet you!

My name is Danrui Sun. Currently, I am a UX designer based in SF bay area working on enterprise cloud Saas products. Previously, I graduated from Georgia Tech with a master's degree in HCI. My background in HCI, Engineering and Art enables me to connect the dots of human behaviors, design, and technology.

I am a creative product designer with a history of designing intuitive, on-brand and user-centric products. Highly focused on product-centric innovation and integrating consumer research into product design practice. Partners with cross-functional product, UX, content strategy, and engineering teams to drive the user experience of a product from conception until launch. Hands-on expertise in product, visual, application, and interaction design.

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I Dance And Paint! 

I have danced for 7 years and painted for 4 years. Trying different types of hobby brings me a lot of fun! The feeling of creating something good is beyond explanation. Using the dance and brush to communicate ideas is awesome!

I Enjoy Joining Activities! 

Meeting different people from different activities are really fascinating! I really enjoy communicating with people from diverse academic and personal backgrounds to gain insights.

I Explore Life! 

I am a  big fan of traveling. Traveling with friends and making new friends are amazing! Also, I have a ton of interests so I find myself trying out new hobbies. I am still on my way to explore things I haven't tried before. To do list: Guitar, Skateboarding, Surfing, Skydiving!