Tag: UX Internship    Date: May 2018 - Aug. 2018 

Category : Website redesign, payment experience   Team: Grove product Team 



During Summer 2017, I worked as a UX design intern at Elavon, Inc. I worked on developer portal redesign and pay at the table solution. Due to confidentiality concerns, I could not showcase my work in full here, but I want to document what I learned working on an Agile product team with industry designers and stakeholders.




Website redesign, interaction design, research

Redesign developer portal website

Elavon developer portal is a website providing Elavon payment API documentation. The first version of the website was launched 3 years ago.  However, the website needs a lot of improvement to provide a better business value and experience. I lead the redesign of this website from scratch to persona, user journey wireframe and hi-fidelity prototype. 

Conduct research on new payment solution

I was lucky to participate in the research of a new pay at the table solution. This product is aiming to provide a new payment solution in the restaurant. With the portable card processing terminal, users could directly pay their meal and tip at the table. I conducted A/B testing for the split bill function and initiated several design solutions. Further, I presented my findings and insights in front of both design team and product team. I worked closely with the developer discussing limitations and design iterations.

Participate in Daily Agile/Scrum Meeting

During my internship, I fully practiced lean UX and Agile development. I took part in daily standup with fellow designers, developers, and the PM. I also presented my design output on the sprint retrospect meeting in front of the whole team. It was in those meetings that learned how to communicate with PM and developers and how to design with limitation. 




Agile development, industry experience

Understand how real industry work

For the real industry project, I took consideration of both business value and user experience. I learned a lot from my mentor Frank how to make a balance between user experience and business and got some tactical tasks and strategic work. Furthermore, I quickly learned how to use Mixpanel and usertesting.com to analyze large-scale user behavior and analyze what could bring value to our new design.

Design is not about how things look

During my internship, I understood making the product look good is only a small part of designer's work. It's about strategy, plan and execution. Through my work, I got in-depth understanding of the principles and methodologies, while at the same time, put the theoretical knowledge into practice. I learned the process of Agile development and worked closely with marketing and developing team to leverage my design solutions. 

Communication is the key

As an outgoing person, I enjoy communicating with people and get inspired. There are a lot of opportunities in my internship to meet different people and see from a different angle. I am afraid of asking for feedback, working with developers to implement something or sharing internship achievements. 

Being proactive and keep learning

I cherish opportunities to learn from others and I am always proactive in my work. I initiated several design solutions in meetings and quickly learned the design tools our team is using. It is really amazing when everyday there is always something new for me to explore. 



fruitful summer internship

On my path to be a real designer!

This summer internship is really a fast growing period for me. Not only did I learn how to make real industry design solutions but also gained work experience with develop team. It is really an amazing summer to join a supportive team and  meet so much awesome designer colleagues. 

We were grateful to have Danrui as our UX teammate over the summer of 2018. Danrui came to us with a solid HCI/HCD design and process foundation. We worked with her to define and design an intern curriculum that would build on her academic foundation and extend/cast it into a larger Agile software team with an existing user base. As a result, she came to learn and experience cross-functional Agile SDLC tools, ceremonies, cadence, teaming, and customer focused prioritization models.


She worked on extending and re-platforming our Elavon Developer portal. She extended our user persona definitions, IxD, wire-framing, and usability validation. Chief amongst her abilities was to recognize where we had left off and did an exceptional job of picking up and moving the UX forward vs. re-baselining and duplicating work.


As a result, I can confidently recommend Danrui for any industrial and/or software product build and design team. She was an active listener, detailed oriented, and had a strong work ethic. She did the work and at a level of quality her competition is lacking.

Frank Stanton

VP, User Experience at Elavon, Inc 

Our Awesome UX Team!

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